The HTTPS server in Krill provides endpoints for monitoring the application. A data format specifically for Prometheus is available and dedicated port 9657 has been reserved.

On the /metrics path, Krill will expose several data points:

  • A timestamp when the daemon was started

  • The number of CAs Krill has configured

  • The number of children for each CA

  • The number of ROAs for each CA

  • Timestamps when publishers were last updated

  • The number of objects in the repository for each publisher

  • The size of the repository, in bytes

  • The RRDP serial number

This is an example of the output of the /metrics endpoint:

# HELP krill_server_start timestamp of last krill server start
# TYPE krill_server_start gauge
krill_server_start 1582189609

# HELP krill_repo_publisher number of publishers in repository
# TYPE krill_repo_publisher gauge
krill_repo_publisher 1

# HELP krill_repo_rrdp_last_update timestamp of last update by any publisher
# TYPE krill_repo_rrdp_last_update gauge
krill_repo_rrdp_last_update 1582700400

# HELP krill_repo_rrdp_serial RRDP serial
# TYPE krill_repo_rrdp_serial counter
krill_repo_rrdp_serial 128

# HELP krill_repo_objects number of objects in repository for publisher
# TYPE krill_repo_objects gauge
krill_repo_objects{publisher="acme-corp-intl"} 6

# HELP krill_repo_size size of objects in bytes in repository for publisher
# TYPE krill_repo_size gauge
krill_repo_size{publisher="acme-corp-intl"} 16468

# HELP krill_repo_last_update timestamp of last update for publisher
# TYPE krill_repo_last_update gauge
krill_repo_last_update{publisher="acme-corp-intl"} 1582700400

# HELP krill_cas number of cas in krill
# TYPE krill_cas gauge
krill_cas 1

# HELP krill_cas_roas number of roas for CA
# TYPE krill_cas_roas gauge
krill_cas_roas{ca="acme-corp-intl"} 4

# HELP krill_cas_children number of children for CA
# TYPE krill_cas_children gauge
krill_cas_children{ca="acme-corp-intl"} 0

The monitoring service has several additional endpoints on the following paths:


Returns the Krill version and timestamp when the daemon was started in a concise format


Returns the number of ROAs and children each CA has


Returns details on the internal repository, if configured